LDPE Rotation bug

Move and copy is already there
(2024-03-14, 20:14)Rene Rechthaler Wrote: (just an idea for future releases: include an option for copies, as of now when you move parts, but except of manually copying it first and then pasting it afterwards, there is no option to keep the original things. same for mirroring and rotating.)

The option for copies is already there, but its not documented anywhere, yet.

Steps to copy+translate a selection in the 3D editor (depending on the snapping grid):
1. Select your objects (e.g. a primitive)
2. Switch to the manipulator (e.g. "Move" or "Rotate")
3. Move the cursor to one of the manipulator axes until it is highlighted.
4. Hold Ctrl and press one of the cursor keys (up, down, right, left) on the keyboard (this will copy and transform your selection).
5. Release Ctrl  and use the cursor keys multiple times to move the selection to the desired position (this is optional).

That way, it will copy and move your selection.

Alternative solution:
Click the "Actions..." menu and choose "Translate", "Move" or "Scale". This way you can create a copy, too. I is even possible to copy and move it multiple times.

(2024-03-14, 20:14)Rene Rechthaler Wrote: (...there is no option to keep the original things. same for mirroring and rotating.)

With the "B" key you can toggle between "Move Adjacent Objects". When this is ON, then it will move everything which is adjacent to your selection.
Consider two triangles which are sharing the same coordinates: You can select one, but it will move both.
When it is OFF on the other hand, it will move only one triangle.
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