[Suggestion] Curve the npeghole primitives

RE: [Suggestion] Cure the npeghole primitives
(2022-04-25, 6:38)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: I agree that current situation is far from perfect (it's even worse for 90° angled beams where the npegholes join together), but changing this is rather daunting, as these elements are often embedded in part structure. The 90° situation was so bad that I already created npeghol17 with cut corners to address the problem in Technic baseplate (https://www.ldraw.org/parts/official-par...rtid=39369)
...Or we could go the other direction and completely remove beam npegholes like LEGO does in his building instructions! Big Grin

I think I didn't completely understand wdym, could you elaborate please a bit? Only thing I think I got is that some new parts have problem of old npeghole primitives having overlapping esges
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