[SOLVED!] coordinate-handedness confusion

RE: coordinate-handedness confusion
(2021-08-28, 16:20)Roland Melkert Wrote: It is right handed, to get the y up it only rotates 180 degrees around x.

the picture might be confusing because it shows an arrow pointing up labeled -Y (if it was left handed it would be labeled just Y)

I'm flipping the LDR files Y/Z coordinate to switch from left-handed to right-handed coords, and then rotating 180 degrees about the x-axis to get -y up like you said, but the bricks are all still mis-aligned.


Picture one shows the flipping of each coordinate in a single line of ldr including each vector in the rotator, picture 2 shows flipping the axis of the rotator. I'm not entirely sure the axis of the rotator need to be flipped after each vector component's axis has also been flipped, but I have tried plugging it in straight through and still get garbled location and rotation placements.
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