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Privacy issues
Rafael Skibicki Wrote:I'm surprised about the lack of a basic Private Messaging feature, present on most forums. I assume we're small community here and may do without it?

Me too sometimes. It might be worth adding.

Quote:I'm more concerned about the fact that my posts are no longer under my username, but my real name. It's OK for it to be hidden within .dat files, but perhaps I don't want it to be displayed publicly? "Display my real name" should be an option. Privacy on the Internet is a serious matter.

Use of full names is a policy of the forums and I believe you had to 'sign' something asking for your real name to join. I'm willing to hear arguments against it, but there's nothing in your present statement that makes me think differently. There is a history of LDraw using real names (via LUGNET policies) so this is an old policy that I somewhat like. I'll note that you chose to join a community that asks for a real name.

It does, however, bring up one extra issue: the help forum should probably allow username only access as there people are asking for help, not to join a community. I think that we do need some way to deal with that.

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