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Full Version: Forum bugs/feature requests/todo list - Please read before posting.
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A summation of bug reports and feature requests.
Please do not reply to this topic with suggestions. Instead post them as a separate topic.

  • Make "Message list display options" default to "All messages in a topic, threaded" - TEMPORARY SOLUTION: inform users of the option to change the display
  • Mark thread as read link on recent messages
  • Mark thread as read link returns you to topic list
  • Allow attachment of small images (as opposed to external linking). Admin - this is currently possible but not desirable since limiting attachment size applies to all attachments not just images
  • Allow different types of attachments to have different size limits. Admin - Related to the above. Contacted the developers of the forum software, this will require a module to be written
  • Add more user titles, specifically parts authors. Admin- Implemented
  • Make signature persistant. In other words when a user changes their signature, the previous post don't change. Admin - this would require a significant change in the way signatures are stored and handled
  • Add a feature to render attached model files
  • Clicking on the "new message" flag takes you the newest post chronologically, instead of the top new post visually
  • Have an "all forums" RSS feed Admin - Aready existed and found by accident. Front page template to be edited
  • Have a LUGNET style message preview in the threaded view and on the recent messages page.
  • Add a "status" modifier to the dat_part BBCode tag for referencing the PT status of a part and a "title" modifier to include the part name.
  • Allow the "readable dates" module to be set on a per user basis.
  • Create a mobile device template and theme

Known Bugs:
  • BUG - New message flags sometimes don't show up on the main forum page
  • BUG - Moving messages around causes the moved messages to show up on recent messages regardless of how old they are.
  • BUG - Image embedding code inappropriately repositions images in the post.
  • BUG - BBCode "code" tag handling is buggy. BBCode module adds an erroneous semicolon when turning bare URLs into clickable links if said URL is enclosed in double quotes. Admin - reported to the developers
  • BUG - Emoticons didn't work correctly. Admin - this is an issue with the module and is pretty much unfixable due to the way the module is written. The module author agrees and they're working on a solution
Orion Pobursky Wrote:
  • Have an "all forums" RSS feed
Looking for this?
How do you find that? Is it on the front page and I'm just blind?
I found it by accident.

I was adding each individual sub-forum RSS feed to my phone, when I accidentally added the URL of the main page, and it magically gave me an RSS feed for the entire forum.

As far as I am aware, there is no visual link to it, but if you view the source of the page, you find two RSS feeds:
<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS (topics)" href="http://forums.ldraw.org/feed.php?0,type=rss" />
<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS (topics + replies)" href="http://forums.ldraw.org/feed.php?0,replies=1,type=rss" />

Perhaps you should add a link to them on the front page (or every page).

Edit: I just realized... for Safari users, they'll see a little thing like so:
[Image: 46t1i.png]
But that's just Safari. I don't use safari as my primary browser, and even if I did, I doubt I would have noticed the little RSS thing unless I were looking for it as I am now.
Sweet. I'll update the front page soon.
I couldn't find an option to change displayed date format. I really dislike that relative "some time ago" format used throught forums/blogs/etc., I want to use absolute dates.
Not sure if this is able to be disabled on a per user basis. If it isn't I'll add it to the list.
Long message titles trigger a CSS error in the Recent Messages list. If they wrap to a second line (like the "Re: Main LDraw.org Website bugs/feature requests/todo list - Please read before posting." ones do currently), the link underline only shows up on the bottom line for the portion of the link that has multiple lines of text. I'm using Firefox, and I don't know if this happens in other browsers.

[Image: aSLWq.png]
Firefox handles borders badly in that case because it puts them outside the bounding box. Sadly I'm unaware of a simple fix other than using the underline property (which loses the dots) or replacing the dots by a repeated background image (an ugly fix).

I think Opera, Safari and even IE do it 'right'

I understand that it may not be something that can be fixed, but Chrome looks the same as Firefox, as does Safari. Given that, I strongly suspect that the browsers are behaving correctly. Also, if you view a single forum, the underlines show up on both lines, so the problem only appears to be present on the recent messages page.
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