Forum bugs/feature requests/todo list - Please read before posting.

Forum bugs/feature requests/todo list - Please read before posting.
A summation of bug reports and feature requests.
Please do not reply to this topic with suggestions. Instead post them as a separate topic.

  • Make "Message list display options" default to "All messages in a topic, threaded" - TEMPORARY SOLUTION: inform users of the option to change the display
  • Mark thread as read link on recent messages
  • Mark thread as read link returns you to topic list
  • Allow attachment of small images (as opposed to external linking). Admin - this is currently possible but not desirable since limiting attachment size applies to all attachments not just images
  • Allow different types of attachments to have different size limits. Admin - Related to the above. Contacted the developers of the forum software, this will require a module to be written
  • Add more user titles, specifically parts authors. Admin- Implemented
  • Make signature persistant. In other words when a user changes their signature, the previous post don't change. Admin - this would require a significant change in the way signatures are stored and handled
  • Add a feature to render attached model files
  • Clicking on the "new message" flag takes you the newest post chronologically, instead of the top new post visually
  • Have an "all forums" RSS feed Admin - Aready existed and found by accident. Front page template to be edited
  • Have a LUGNET style message preview in the threaded view and on the recent messages page.
  • Add a "status" modifier to the dat_part BBCode tag for referencing the PT status of a part and a "title" modifier to include the part name.
  • Allow the "readable dates" module to be set on a per user basis.
  • Create a mobile device template and theme

Known Bugs:
  • BUG - New message flags sometimes don't show up on the main forum page
  • BUG - Moving messages around causes the moved messages to show up on recent messages regardless of how old they are.
  • BUG - Image embedding code inappropriately repositions images in the post.
  • BUG - BBCode "code" tag handling is buggy. BBCode module adds an erroneous semicolon when turning bare URLs into clickable links if said URL is enclosed in double quotes. Admin - reported to the developers
  • BUG - Emoticons didn't work correctly. Admin - this is an issue with the module and is pretty much unfixable due to the way the module is written. The module author agrees and they're working on a solution
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