Parts Tracker - Complete Part Download Option

Parts Tracker - Complete Part Download Option
This is kind of a usability feature for people getting unofficial parts from the PT.

Right now the way to do this is:
  • Either a download of the entire unofficial lib
    - slow
    - huge
    - manual transfer to no need to worry about forgotten subfiles or prims
  • Or manually download them one by one and the necessary subfile
    - subfile/new prim might get overlooked
    - tedious to go through all the required files
    - manual transfer to
    + small in size/bandwidth
  • Use the LDView update feature
    + small in bandwidth+ quick- manual transfer to

Now if you want to import new parts into you need to extract them from the various download locations (either the unofficial files or the download folder of your PC and need to remember where to put the file accordingly)

That's why it might bw worth considering this proposal:

If a file still has dependencies on unofficial sub-parts or prims, add a Button which allows you to download "all required files"
The download will consist of a ZIP file with the correct structure inside (p/, Parts/ parts/s/, etc.) so that you can simply unpack it into the custom parts folder of Studio.

What's your opinion?
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