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RE: Using CommandLinesList and ExportFile
(2021-02-25, 2:18)Travis Cobbs Wrote: The main model file is simply the file you instruct LDView to render. It can be an LDR, MPD, or DAT. All it's saying is that it can't find the specified file. However, something strange is going on, because the "filename" it can't load is not present. The "File:" line in the output is supposed to have a filename after it, and it doesn't. The output you're getting doesn't seem to match up with the contents of commandlist.txt that you posted earlier. The "infinite recursion" error should only happen if -CommandLinesList= is included in commandlist.xt with the path to commandlist.txt as its value.

Can you post here the EXACT command line you are using, as well as the EXACT contents of commandlist.txt?

I discovered that LDView's CommandLinesList processing wasn't properly dealing with lines with Windows line endings (CRLF). I will fix that, but hopefully if you can change commandlist.txt to have Unix line endings, the problem will go away.
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