LDView Using CommandLinesList and ExportFile

RE: Using CommandLinesList and ExportFile

I made some tests according to your comments.

the problem is partialy solved.

the good news is that I do not have cropping anymore, the aspect, latitude, longitude are good. But the render is still different. I understood what you said about the fact that I got what I'm supposed to got, but some pics may be more accurate :

I set the aspect ratio on automatic.
My command line isĀ  (with or without the -ExportFile command):
D:\Installations\LDRAW\LDView64\LDView64.exe D:\LEGO\Python\data\3001.ldr -DefaultLatLong=20,45 -SaveWidth=500-SaveHeight=500

Without -Exportfile, LDview open like that :
[Image: ldview.png]

At this point, I hit Ctrl+E, then Return and I got this render with Pov-ray
[Image: 3001pymanual.png]
The render and the visual on LDview are the sameĀ  (Gimp involved here):
[Image: layers.png]
With -ExportFile, LDview doens't show up (obviously)

The render with pov-ray is :
[Image: 3001pylatlon20-45sw500sh500.png]
See the difference (Gimp again):
[Image: colordiff.png]

I do not understand why whith the same config, I don't have the same result.
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