LDView Using CommandLinesList and ExportFile

Using CommandLinesList and ExportFile

I'm trying to use LDView command line to do batch pov generation. I have 2 problems

the first one is that the pov file I get using command line with ExportFile is not the same I get using the same command lineĀ  and manual export.

Case 1 :

D:\Installations\LDRAW\LDView64\LDView64.exe D:\LEGO\Python\data\3001.ldr -DefaultLatitude=20 -DefaultLongitude=45 -WindowWidth=504 -WindowHeight=563 -ExportFile=D:\LEGO\Python\data\3001.pov

vs :

Case 2 :

D:\Installations\LDRAW\LDView64\LDView64.exe D:\LEGO\Python\data\3001.ldr -DefaultLatitude=20 -DefaultLongitude=45 -WindowWidth=504 -WindowHeight=563

Of course, the second line give me exactly what I want in the LDView window.

they're only two differences :

the first line of the header is not the same (it's not a problem, but it's strange)

Case 1 :

// Generated By: LDView Copyright (C) 2018 Travis Cobbs & Peter Bartfai
vs :

Case 2 :

// Generated By: LDView 4.3 Copyright (C) 2018 Travis Cobbs & Peter Bartfai

the camera settings are wrong in case 2 :

Case 1 :

#declare LDXCameraLoc = < 447.158142,-351.187286,-446.14975 >;    // Camera Location vector
#declare LDXCameraLookAt = < 4.58077876387164906191,10.17561232900345657981,-3.57247258550586366255 >;    // Camera look-at point vector
#declare LDXCameraSky = < -0.35355329881115843405,-0.86602543005723520153,0.35355341802042911103 >;    // Camera sky vector (<0,-1,0> will usually work for standard "up")
vs :

Case 2 :

#declare LDXCameraLoc = < 707.842224,-354.348816,-707.842224 >; // Camera Location vector
#declare LDXCameraLookAt = < 2.24497200047949263535,8.84444866651756456122,-2.24497200047949263535 >; // Camera look-at point vector
#declare LDXCameraSky = < -0.24184478580022841787,-0.93969260886871053273,0.24184478580022841787 >; // Camera sky vector (<0,-1,0> will usually work for standard "up")

Obviously, in the first case, the camera is too close and my renders are cropped. I bypass the problem by tweaking LDXCamAspect and angle, but the result is not what I want and what I've set up. I can go with it for now, but it's strange.

The other problem is that I'm not able to use the -commandLinesList functionnality.

I've created a fileĀ  named commandlist.txt :

Common: -DefaultLatitude=20 -DefaultLongitude=45 -WindowWidth=504 -WindowHeight=563
D:\LEGO\Python\data\3001.ldr -ExportFile=D:\LEGO\Python\data\3001.pov
D:\LEGO\Python\data\3002.ldr -ExportFile=D:\LEGO\Python\data\3002.pov
D:\LEGO\Python\data\3003.ldr -ExportFile=D:\LEGO\Python\data\3003.pov
D:\LEGO\Python\data\3002.ldr -ExportFile=D:\LEGO\Python\data\3004.pov
D:\LEGO\Python\data\3002.ldr -ExportFile=D:\LEGO\Python\data\3005.pov
D:\LEGO\Python\data\3002.ldr -ExportFile=D:\LEGO\Python\data\3006.pov
D:\LEGO\Python\data\3002.ldr -ExportFile=D:\LEGO\Python\data\3007.pov
D:\LEGO\Python\data\3002.ldr -ExportFile=D:\LEGO\Python\data\3008.pov

My command line is :

D:\Installations\LDRAW\LDView64\LDView64.exe -CommandLinesList=D:\LEGO\Python\data\commandlist.txt

LDview just pop up like usualy, asking me to open a file. I'm lost.
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