LDCad Some Gear Rotations are "disconnected"

Some Gear Rotations are "disconnected"

I am new with LDCad (but not with CADD) and I am baffled with the following issue.

For some gears, when I try to rotate them so the teeth mess correctly, the hub and the teeth are "disconnected"!

For example for 32269 if I rotate it clockwise the hub will follow my rotation but the teeth will rotate counter-clockwise!
Another example for 3648b I can only rotate the hub but not the teeth.

I have tried both using the GUI rotation {R} and the entry {Ctr-r} with the same result.

Am I missing something?

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Some Gear Rotations are "disconnected" - by NikosSprocket - 2020-10-18, 7:23

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