LDPE 0.8.50 Beta Released (bugfix / usability)

RE: 0.8.50 Beta Released (bugfix / usability)
(2020-06-01, 8:46)Nils Schmidt Wrote:
  1. The program could break if a subfile refered to a non-existent or read-protected nested subfile in very rare cases.
  2. There was a critical selection problem which occured if you have tried to select a single quad, but you deactivated the selection of quads before (selection filter).
  3. It was problematic if the program could not read from the official and unoffical LDraw library folder.
  4. It was impossible to save a file if its directory does not exist anymore.
  5. There was a breaking bug which could deactivate the duplication check on a single file (did not affect other files).
  6. Pressing the ESC key reset the (scale) snapping to an unexpected 2.00 value.

Thanks Nils,

which one is the one I reported? Just curious.

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