Solved 3068bpx1 is not the right piece

RE: 3068bpx1 is not the right piece
(2020-06-01, 7:15)Thom Kok Wrote: Is a zip with all the correct part names? I am new to this forum and would like to avoid an error like this in the future. Or is there a better way to look up all the correct part names for each part?

That zip has the official library of parts, which will have the correct authoritative LDraw names. To look up both official and unofficial (not yet released) parts, use the Parts Tracker. Some unofficial parts may still be in the process of having their names decided, but searching this forum will usually uncover that conversation if it's taking place.

Other sites like Rebrickable and Bricklink have their own naming systems, so you'd have to refer to those sites (and their associated forums) to confirm their correct part names.
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