Basic plate depth issue ?

Basic plate depth issue ?
Hi all, I just joined and just started using LDraw, so sorry in advance if I'm being stupid !

I'd like to revive my old Legos sets for my son, but there are heaps of missing parts... However I have a 3D printer and I'd like to print them.

I did a bunch of tests and it's quite promising with LDraw library. However I stumbled upon one issue : the basic thin parts from LDraw lib are not as deep as real legos !

Taking for instance part 3023, 1 x 2 plate, when measuring the internal depth from the bottom to the internel ceiling, I get more than 2mm on an actual part, and 1.6mm from LDraw lib.

Is that normal, like for rendering purpose or something ?

Thank you for your help.
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Basic plate depth issue ? - by benoit paillard - 2020-04-28, 12:00

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