Complete Parts Request: Train Buffer Beam

RE: Parts Request: Train Buffer Beam
(2020-01-28, 12:30)GeraldĀ Lasser Wrote: Part 2920, however, has some quirks in its geometry. e.g. the magnet is currently loose in its position and might "slip" out. SO I took my calipers out to change it. While doing so I noticed that the pin of the magnet should be of a slightly larger diameter, but that would break some dependencies or existing shortcuts, so I left it as it is.

How much play is there in real life? Is many different positions even possible?

(2020-01-28, 12:30)GeraldĀ Lasser Wrote: We should add at least two shortcuts, c01 and c02 for Pulling and Idle Position. Question is do we want to have c03 as well, that would be the magnet pushed to the end of the hole?

No. If someone want to have that level of detail they could inline these files.
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