Add substitute part from context menu

RE: Add substitute part from context menu
(2019-06-27, 18:50)Trevor Sandy Wrote: Jaco, this behaviour has already been corrected. See Segfault in substitute part dialog #294.

To respond to tickets faster, I’ve added a Continuous Build pre-release to the production repository.

You can download a latest build for Windows (installed and portable distros), Linux AppImage, Ubuntu, Arch, Fedora and macOS.

On the LPub3D GitHub Page, you can check the existence of a continuous build pre-release if the Revision badge is greater than 0. You can also see the list of latest commits (i.e. corrections) from the Last Commit badge.


Ah yes, OK. I wanted to report it, but found the 294 ticket.
I will download a new build to check it out.
Jaco van der Molen
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