Studio parts editor, decals, connectivity...

RE: Studio parts editor, decals, connectivity...
Studio Part Designer appears to be using PE_TEX_INFO in a new way, which I have not encountered before. As an example, the following appears to be a valid usage:

0 PE_TEX_INFO 0.0000 0.5417 -0.9150 1.6100 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 0.6708 0.0000 0.2200 0.0000 -20.0000 26.0000 20.0000 -22.0000 <PNG CONTENT>

This usage appears to be a way of linearly projecting onto only a subset of the primitives in a complete part.

The usage I have been made aware of is using 3245b.dat. Here Studio uses the lines above to project an image onto the part. The correct way of doing this would have been to use the sub-model with a missing face, and then project only onto a rectangle with the texture.

Does anyone know what the parameters for PE_TEX_INFO and PE_TEX_PATH are used for? It seems quite inefficient that we have to reverse-engineer this every time they come up with a new way of not using the standard.
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