LPub3D - Submodel not shown in main model

RE: LPub3D - Submodel not shown in main model
(2019-04-18, 23:58)Travis Cobbs Wrote: Since LPub3D uses Qt, in theory this stuff should work as well as possible on all platforms. (When I say "as well as possible", I'm acknowledging that different platforms have different limits.) Obviously that's not the case.  Since it creates files and passes things like paths into commands running other programs (like LDView), it could be that the commands aren't properly handling UTF-8 special characters, and it could also be that the programs in question don't properly handle them. I know that in the past, LDView didn't work with arbitrary UTF-8 filenames. I'm pretty sure I fixed that, but I'm not sure if my fix has made it into a release yet, since I can't remember precisely when I fixed it.

The problem is caused by the LDView.exe installed with LPub3D. This is likely to be modified because it is version Copying the official 4.3 in the 3rd party directory, you get error messages but it would work.
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