Gaps/overlap in part fit up

RE: Gaps/overlap in part fit up
(2020-03-07, 20:27)Marc Giraudet Wrote: As I built the 8416 set (the best Technic Forklift set IMHO) I took time to review the old 850.
The file uploaded in OMR have a wrong gear soluce (1 axle missing) so I totally rebuilt it.

File OMR compliant
Known errror : 6 brick 4x4 "resized" for matching purpose.

Note : There are two version of the notice. This model is compliant with 120055 (with an extra row of plate under the seat).

I think I mentioned this in the Technic thread, I solved the same issue by making a version of the 2x2 brick that is 1 LDU too short, then I swapped that in for 4 of the 7 bricks in the stack. This compensated for the 4 LDU offset of the axle holes at the top of the lift mechanism, and was easier to compute than distributing the error equally across all 7 bricks.

Similarly, in my version of the 8865 Test Car, I very slightly scaled the matrix for one of the angled beams in the roof structure, to make it fit the joints on each end.
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