Suggestion for showing process within the PT

RE: Suggestion for showing process within the PT
(2018-11-27, 9:12)Max Martin Richter Wrote:
(2018-11-26, 21:37)Gerald Lasser Wrote: In my opinion this would really help the cause of LDraw. Right now we do have an update once a year and I understand that it is quite an effort to produce the package and make it available for download.

You need to consider that for some new parts the team is really quick in constructing them and certifying them. It would really be a benefit the for the users. I think many of them

Part that have an Admin Cert should really be available may be on a monthly basis. May be this could be automated to produce a package every 4 to 6 weeks.

WE really need to make a bit more noise :-)

I think, that even a status update in form a list with touched parts would be enough for showing the world, that we are still alive.

Doing parts updates more often would result in more work -> MLConfig.ini, LDraw AIOI etc.

This is also my recommendation. Having a feed with he last updated parts should be both easy to create and give a better user experience. 

This is even more important during this time where the looks is not modern (not that I know how to make it look modern)
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