LDCAD compass location

RE: LDCAD compass location
(2018-09-06, 6:45)Philippe Hurbain Wrote:
(2018-09-06, 0:10)Kathleen Kampf Wrote: Thanks, I am using your tutorial docs. But, now I have a new issue. The editing pin is not appearing when I place a brick. Thanks for the help with this.
Press "p" to hide/show edit pin. Sometimes it gets in the way, especially in rotate mode...
BTW, Roland, using a ring instead of a disc would make it less intrusive?

I have gotten through your tutorial doc. I have a basic understanding. I've been modeling rubber belts with success, THANK YOU very much. I actually need to make a figure 8 to go around two 1/2 bushes. In fact, the "x" section of it has to currve outside of 1 beam. Yah, it's kind of a fussy job. The figure 8 is what I really need the most help wiith. I accidently got an X when I was initially learning this. But, I don't know how it happened. Thanks for your help. This little job is the reason I began the LDCAD tutorial.
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