Alternatives to LDD?

RE: Alternatives to LDD?
I am a Mac user (OSX 10.13.6 High Sierra) and I am going to upgrade to OSX Catalina eventually, but I'm waiting on that.
In the meantime, I am practically certifiable in the latest version of Lego Digital Designer. However, I've never been quite satisfied with its semi-lack of the newest useful bricks (I have no care for the gimmick pieces), as well as old lost-to-time bricks. I have gone on a download bonanza for the past hour and a half since I found out that LDraw is a thing. I also noticed that many of these things cut off at OSX Snow Leopard at the latest, so… yeah. I'm wondering if anybody here knows the MOST UPDATED and LEAST BUGGY software that operates similarly to LDD but through LDraw.
I was relieved to find that there were recent posts on this forum.
Which of these compressed files (on the attached image) are most necessary, and/or which ones would be completely useless to me?
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