LDCad 2.0 LDraw parser thoughts

RE: LDCad 2.0 LDraw parser thoughts
(2018-09-22, 17:48)tatubias Wrote: Better part snapping it could be good.
This is planned but I'm not sure of the extend/form yet.

(2018-09-22, 17:48)tatubias Wrote: Also pre define render like in stud.io pov-ray and photo realistic rendering
I'm not sure, POV-Ray support in 1.5/1.6 was always mostly about the animation exports. Extremely high quality will make those take forever to render (when single frames take 15 minutes).

(2018-09-22, 17:48)tatubias Wrote: A sub program to build instructions more flexible than lpub
Not sure I want to invent a whole new meta set  and take care of generating pdf's myself. Maybe in a later version down the road if I run out of interesting things to do.
For now I'm just planning LPub meta 'awareness' so in a best case scenario you would only need to press generate in LPub it self.

(2018-09-22, 17:48)tatubias Wrote: Other thing that may be cool, people that has experiencing in coding scripts, send you samples so you can add on the website.
I like this idea, but I doubt it will be a big user base, as currently I'm only aware of a few people actually using scripting.
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