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Full Version: LDCad 2.0 LDraw parser thoughts
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Hello all,

I'm still working on the foundations of LDCad 2 and if time permits I'll soon be starting with the LDraw parser.

So with this in mind I was thinking about possible improvements etc.

As always I'm very interested in what others would like to see supported/different from 1.6 etc.

Things I want myself:

100% official file format support. (mpd/headers/textures/etc)
All the defacto unofficial stuff (like "0 UNOFFICIAL PART" etc)
Some experimental stuff (like "0 !DATA")
LDCad groups
MLCad groups
Buffer exchange
Some or maybe even all LPub meta's.
Local color support (meaning a COLOUR meta will override colors used in following type 1 lines etc )

All input is welcome.
LSynth Metas.