available colours of Lego parts in LDcad

RE: available colours of Lego parts in LDcad
(2018-03-21, 21:11)Roland Melkert Wrote:
(2018-03-21, 9:15)Joscha Wrote: Is there an easy way in LDcad to see/switch to the fabricated colours?

There is currently no filter on colors based on the current (selected) part or something like that.

However this is a feature I'm considering for 2.0

I don't remember MLCad offering this option though, it would need some sort of reference db so if mlcad has/had this feature it might be vastly out of date by now.

You and Philippe are right. I tried to find out what I was thinking about MLcad but w/o success. Maybe at that time when I started using MLcad I misunderstood the colour table as the colours in which the part was ever manufactured.

But what does it mean practically? Do I have to go for an internet search to find out which colours are available for a specific part?
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