LDCad 1.6b (win+linux)

LDCad 1.6b (win+linux)
I, finally, released 1.6b

It contains mostly bugfixes and tweaks and some minor changes/additions, including:

- Fixed numerous scripting issues.
- Fixed some (mostly minor) editing issues.
- Improved part bin search.
- Extensive POV-Ray export tweaking, I mostly tried to improve transparency in mixed color parts and the handling of textured parts.
- Duplo and electrical part bin sections.
- Snapping/mirroring info for commonly used parts in the 1701 and 1801 libraries.
- Some new/tweaked templates based upon 1701/1801 parts.

Hopefully this will be the last 1.x version as I want to concentrate on 2.0 exclusively from now on, unless a very severe bug/problem is uncovered.

The Linux version is still compiled on Debian 7.5 as I didn't think it would be very useful to setup 32 and 64 bit 8.1 environments. This is very time consuming, so I prefer to do that only if people having problems with these versions on more recent distro's. Please Let me know if so. I did however fully updated the 7.5 environments.

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