Question about Lego Dimensions and part mention

Question about Lego Dimensions and part mention
Hey guys, been awhile. Sorry about that, life is moving at the speed of life again.

Anyways, so Lego Dimensions seems to be introducing new interesting Lego products some of which don't even seem to have real life counter parts. Specifically I watched a Lego Gremlins video today which featured Stripe, Gizmo, Spider-Mohawk (well Stripe really), regular gremlins and Gizmo-Gremlin form. Searching for the actual figures it seems they only made Stripe and Gizmo. Some Gremlins also appeared in Lego batman but I can;t recall if they were Stripe or regular gremlins.

While it is that in part this is a gentle request for said figures, I recognize they would require the physical models to be scanned because of the details. More what I am wondering is what of these digital only models? Will the community attempt to create them or are they not considered true Legos? And for that matter, is there much intent or interest in covering the Lego Dimensions minifigures that do come out?

Thanks guys, was just curious how the community is proceeding with all this.
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