Using minifig chains

Using minifig chains
Hi all,

I have a model that features 2 minifig chains, one gold with 5 Links and 2 with Light Bluish Grey with 21 links.
[Image: 92338.png][Image: 30104.png]

We had some discussion earlier about the short one here here where Philo points out that the short one is probably better modeled by hand rather the LDCad do the curves and calculations.

The template in LDCad only has 4 links. I am unsure how to add a fifth, let alone make one of 21 links.

I'll try to model by hand, but any help there would be appreciated ;-)

Perhaps a template with both ends can be made with 5 and 21 links?
Are there any other lengths? I thought there was another available, but might be mistaken.

Perhaps add this one too, while we are at it?
[Image: 6055308.jpg]
Jaco van der Molen
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