Which renderers support Texture Mapping

RE: Which renderers support Texture Mapping
(2017-06-19, 13:08)Jaco van der Molen Wrote: How does this work? Can I map an image to a brick?
I've never understood nor tried anything with texturemapping, but I have model with some custom prints and stickers.
Can it be used for that?

It can certainly be used for custom prints and stickers, but was designed for use in official parts. The spec is here:


Even a quick glance at the above will show that it's not designed for end users. Having said that, editors like LDCad could explicitly add support for creating a textured sticker. But that would be a new feature.

Also, if only one face of a part is visible in a model, a wrapper part could be created that texture maps that face. The problem is that the way the texture maps work, they would project all the way through the part. For real texture mapped parts, the texture mapping is limited in the part geometry to certain polygons, but that's not possible with a wrapper part.
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