LPub3D - POV-Ray rendering quality

LPub3D - POV-Ray rendering quality

As you are aware, I've been working on trying to improve the quality of the POV-Ray rendering in LPub3D.  The first step was to implement customized lighting.  That resulted in a major improvement, but I was still running into an issue that I felt needed to be fixed: many images had dark gray artifacts on curved surfaces that I couldn't get rid of simply by changing the light definitions.

I think I have finally figured out source of the problem.

When LPub3D invokes L3P, it specifies a camera angle (field of view) of 0.01 degrees (-ca0.01).  I assume that you work backward from there to determine the camera distance (-cg0,0,{large number}) in order to end up with a properly-sized image.  My guess is that you are using a small field of view and a long distance to minimize apparent distortion caused by different parts of the model being different distances from the camera.  I think -ca0.01 is quite a bit of overkill and is leading to the artifacts I mentioned.

I have modified my program that inserts custom lighting to also modify the -ca and -cg parameters.  I am currently using a 10-degree FOV and calculating the corrected camera distance.  I'm quite pleased with the results.  The resulting renders are much closer to the quality I get when using LDView to manually generate the POV file.

Can I suggest that you try larger FOV values to when calling L3P to improve the quality of the resulting render while still minimizing apparent distortion?  Perhaps this could be a value set by the user in Preferences.

I've also been working on a way to have LPub3D use LDView for exporting POV files.  I've had some moderate success, but it's pretty klugey.  Since I figured out the L3P issue, there is no longer the same level of urgency to pursuing this route.

Thank you.

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