Sloped brick with Batman logo

RE: Sloped brick with Batman logo
Philippe Hurbain
(2017-01-04, 7:53)Reuben Pearse Wrote: What's the best tool for selecting/extracting certain parts of an existing part file? (other than Notepad++)
The best tool nowadays is LDPartEditor (
For simple tasks like this MLCad can do the trick (but it doesn't allow to cut and paste between two different files so you will probably need a text editor too in the process...

Thanks Philippe - I used LDPartEditor to extract the logo part and created a new file called "batman_logo_small.dat". I then added this to the part 47753.dat in an attempt to create this part:

This brick+sticker is featured in this set:

I guess the sticker part could be "embedded" into the 47753 part to make a new part? Would this then be a new "official" LDraw part?

Could you take a look at the sticker alignment on the wedge brick? How close should this be to the surface of the brick? The relevant files are attached

Attached Files
.ldr   curve_wedge_with_logo.ldr (Size: 277 bytes / Downloads: 8)
.dat   batman_logo_small.dat (Size: 127 bytes / Downloads: 6)
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