LDCad 1.6 Beta 1 (win+linux)

LDCad 1.6 Beta 1 (win+linux)
Hello all,

I'm very proud to, finally, present the first Beta version of LDCad 1.6

It has been the slowest development cycle so far and I still need to dot some I's and such concerning the scripting stuff. But I relalize not many people use that anyway so I pushed it to Beta 2 in order to get a version out before the holydays.

Version 1.6 introduces the following major features:
- Macro scripting
- Many script api extensions
- Mirroring
- Region select
- MPD tools
- POV-Ray export (including animations)
- full ROTSTEP and BUFEXCHG support.
- Hotkey configuration
- Layered groups (still a bit experimental though)

It also includes many small tweaks and extensions, like:
- non integer grid stepping
- extend header editing
- some visual changes
- improved GUI templates

Even the downloads are improved as all of them now include both the 32 and 64 bit versions. The windows setup will install the correct one based on your system. I've also tried to automate this for this Linux version (setup.sh) but it might need some tweaking on some systems (feedback/improvements are highly appreciated)

You can get the version of your choice here:

The Linux version is still compiled with (fully updateded) Debian 7.5, as this seems to ensure maximal compatibility. If the Linux experts on this board think I should upgrade to 8.x for some valid reason please let me know.

Documentation update and extensions (like always) are pending

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