Need help with custom rotation of hinges

RE: Need help with custom rotation of hinges
(2016-09-10, 17:33)Nite Wrote: Thats embarassing, so far i've been using the bottom left axis menu, where you can select the rotation step, from 1 to 30 Smile

Thanks to everyone !

Fun structure.

some tips:

First place all hinge plates in a straight line, then select all but the first two plates starting with the one which will need to bend. After rotating deselect the now correctly placed plates and (if needed) click the next main rotation part using shift+ctrl+lmb.

If you use these kinds of structures often you could also write a macro for it using the 1.6 alpha version.

Also set the relative grid to one of the plates when adding something to it at the same angle as this ensures the home key will always orient new parts at the given angle for that section which will make part snapping act like expected.
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