[LDPartEditor] 0.8.21 Beta Released (Protractor Angle / Move Adjacent Data / bugfix)

(2016-08-17, 16:30)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: As a user I want to create an intersection point between two lines or edges.

Or is it somehow possible to cut a line with a surface allready? Intersector?

Yes, it is possible. You have to select the line and run the Intersector tool.

However... LDPE's Intersector has the "design flaw" to hide everything except the result of the intersection. (not anymore!)
I didn't use Intersector for a long time and was very scared how it works [ consider the fact that I implemented this behaviour some time ago Wink ]

I thought it was a bug, but that is not the case... Click on "Show All" to restore the whole 3D model.

With the release of 0.8.22 (in a few minutes) the user can decide whether to hide it or not (the default is not to hide).
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