Thoughts on LDCad 1.6 Mirrori feature

RE: Thoughts on LDCad 1.6 Mirrori feature
(2016-07-31, 8:28)Merlijn Wissink Wrote: Great news Roland! Big Grin
Mirroring is the one 'major' feature I've really (really!) missed since going from SR3D Builder to LDCad. I see it isn't realtime mirroring though, although it isn't a must, it would be nice nonetheless Wink

A little feature-request (if you haven't already implemented it) regarding mirroring; it would be nice if it's possible to select a whole submodel and then mirror it completely into a new submodel.

I considered real time mirroring but I couldn't find a reliable way of doing it using the current editing internals so maybe in 2.0 Smile

Mirroring the whole model is available from the session menu (previously named model menu).
A duplication feature is already present in 1.5, so making a mirror duplicate will take two clicks.

Mirroring the whole file asumes you centered things around 0,0,0 though, while the selection mirror feature uses the part/custom center.

Many parts wont mirror correctly, yet, though as they need an alternative method due to their base orientation and or lack in symmetry. The current method assumes parts are symmetrical in the local x-axis which most parts seem to be.

All other parts will need shadow information which I will be adding during the beta stage.
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