Thoughts on LDCad 1.6 Mirrori feature

Thoughts on LDCad 1.6 Mirrori feature
I've been working on a mirror feature for LDCad 1.6 it is already working quite nice.

Problematic are the paired parts (e.g. left/right wing etc)

I managed to get the feature working for lots of parts without the need for additional information, but some parts will still need it .

For this I'm introducing a new LDCad meta for use in the shadow library. Some examples:

15209.dat "Tile  1 x  2 with  2 Teeth Vertical":
0 //The tooths are not symetric
0 !LDCAD MIRROR_INFO [baseFlip=Z] [counterPart=autoLeftRight]

2450.dat "Plate  3 x  3 without Corner":
0 //This part is its own counterpart when rotated 90 deg.
0 !LDCAD MIRROR_INFO [baseFlip=X] [counterPart=self] [oriCor=0 0 1 0 1 0 -1 0 0]

32191.dat "Technic Panel Fairing #2":
0 !LDCAD MIRROR_INFO [counterPart=32190.dat]

The defaults of this meta's parameters will be used for all parts even when the meta is not present in the file.  'autoLeftRight' for example will try to find a left/right version of a part based on the description. This works for all wings but not for the technic panels. so e.g. 32191.dat needs a manual defined counter part.

This is my current test case, it mirrors on the Z-axis but the final version will let you use x or y as well .


I would love to get some feedback on this, especially from the library experts as I really want to minimize the need for extra info.

The main thing I'm asking here is help in determining the default state of things and / or additional ways of auto detecting counter parts.
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