Hi all,

I'm currently experimenting with photogrammetry (Agisoft PhotoScan) to author complicated shape of lego parts.

Here is what I've acheived so far with Mickey's head:
[Image: wwaxdk.png]
[Image: 2rzqk21.png]

There is a bit of mess around the nose but I'm quite happy with the raw conversion from photos to 3D mesh.
It's a first try but I'm pretty sure I can improve it.

A question for Philo: is this close to what you get from you 3D scanner? Do you think it could be workable to create a ldraw part?

As Lego part are made of shiny plastic I had to put some flour on the part to allow the software to track the geometry. This is maybe why I get this bumpy surface. If someone has a better idea, feel free!
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