Any good LDraw viewer for Ubuntu 16.04?

RE: LDView for Ubuntu 16.04?
(2016-12-17, 22:10)Travis Cobbs Wrote: For command line use, the OSMesa-based command line-only "ldview" (not "LDView")...

Very well, I am able progress with this information. However without passing the ldraw path (LDrawDir=) via the command line, I get the message "Critical Error: Could not find LDraw directory." Do I have to pass the ldraw library path (like with ldglite) on the command line for the OSMesa-based executable ? LDrawDir is set in /home/trevor/.conf/LDView/LDView.conf which seems to only be read by "LDView". I could not find a separate .conf for "ldview".

I created /home/trevor/.conf/LDView/ldviewrc after receiving the message "Error setting INI File to /home/trevor/.ldviewrc or /home/trevor/.conf/LDView/ldviewrc" but while this action removed the message, it is still necessary to pass the LDrawDir via command line.

(2016-12-17, 22:10)Travis Cobbs Wrote: (I think -SaveSnapshots support has been added to the development code, but was missing in the 4.2 release.) I think you can disable usage of -SaveSnapshots in LPub3D.

I'm using Peter's LDView 4.3 package which support -SaveSnapshots so this is not an issue for me. But I must say it would have been quite a pity to not have this capability on x11 because it represents such a big performance improvement when rendering with LDView, not to mention the significant work to rewrite LPub3D to accommodate this parameter.

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