[LDPartEditor] 0.8.8 Beta Released

Bug-Fix 0.8.8c Released (to avoid the stack-overflow on start)

this evening I investigated the stack-overflow exceptions with all possible thoroughness and I found something.
The cache included unnecessary pointers to other cache objects. The serialisation process created an entry on the stack for each object.
I removed the pointers from the serialisation process.
The issue should be gone now.

As always, you can download LDPE from this page:

I updated the binaries on sourceforge.net, too.

(2 bug fixes)

The following issues were hopefully fixed with this release:
  1. Primitive caching issues, causing a stackoverflow on all systems and a slowdown on 32-bit (severe)
  2. The subfile creator added a capital S in front of the sub-part number, instead of a lower case s and created wrong names for primitives, too.
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Bug-Fix 0.8.8b Released - by Nils Schmidt - 2016-03-29, 16:47
Bug-Fix 0.8.8c Released (to avoid the stack-overflow on start) - by Nils Schmidt - 2016-03-30, 19:39

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