LDCalc not running on Win 10

Re: LDCalc not running on Win 10
Adding a copy of xmpd.dll didn't fix the problem. Strangely the LDCalc version on the computer that got updated from Windows 7 to 10 DID work. It turns out that it is version

I copied that version over the LDCalc came also with a xmpd.dll and a LDCalcIni.xml. It WORKED.

I substituted the LDCalc.exe with LDCalc.exe After confirming that I'd trust the prog I got a message that the LDCalcIni.xml (that came with couldn't be read. After confirming I've got a running LDCalc.exe!!!

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Re: LDCalc not running on Win 10 - by Willy Tschager - 2016-02-19, 8:35

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