Animation fun with LDCad

Animation fun with LDCad
I wrote a few animation scripts for LDCad that build/explode/dissolve a model...
You may see the results in this Youtube playlist.
The scripts are attached here, as well as the model used for the videos: a "flattened" (submodels inlined) of Makou's CAD model of 10018 - Darth Maul

To test these scripts on you own model:
  • Load model in LDCad
  • Model -> edit header -> scripting tab
  • Browse to the script you want to try / OK
  • Click on model name on top right of edit window and choose "animation" mode
  • Play and enjoy!

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.mpd   10018 - Darth Maul-flat.mpd (Size: 85.27 KB / Downloads: 43)
.zip   LDCad animation (Size: 6.76 KB / Downloads: 59)
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