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Full Version: Animation fun with LDCad
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I wrote a few animation scripts for LDCad that build/explode/dissolve a model...
You may see the results in this Youtube playlist.
The scripts are attached here, as well as the model used for the videos: a "flattened" (submodels inlined) of Makou's CAD model of 10018 - Darth Maul

To test these scripts on you own model:
  • Load model in LDCad
  • Model -> edit header -> scripting tab
  • Browse to the script you want to try / OK
  • Click on model name on top right of edit window and choose "animation" mode
  • Play and enjoy!
Thank you, Philippe! I just saw your sample video over on Eurobricks. I've never worked with Lua before, so I really appreciate having some useful samples to play with and learn from.
Thanks Wink
Don't forget the examples provided by Roland (available in LDCad example models) and his tutorial videos (LDCad animation tutorial part 1/2/3)!
Scripts are fun aren't they Smile

Just be sure to reload the model (F05) before using a different script while an existing one is linked. This to prevent a known bug related to the active animation. Sorry about that.

Also you can drag and drop the script from e.g. explorer into the program to link it.
Wow! This is so cool. I was looking for this kind of animation a while ago (I asked Roland about it then).

The bottom up and brick layer have my particular interest.

Would it be possible to do something like this:
So whilst the bricks come flying in slowly turn the model too?
I am not talking about the rendering quality or background, just the movement of the bricks and the model.
I think it's possible, yes. Roland promised scripted camera control in 1.6 making this easier, but rotating the whole model is not so difficult either...
OK, I got that to work!
Two more questions though:
1. Can I change the background
2. How do you create a Youtube clip?
Actually both questions are related: to make the clip I use LDCad "export animation" that saves frames as png images. You are given the choice of image size and background color.

Then I assemble the images with AviDemux (just load the 1st images from the images folder, Avidemux loads the other ones). Save clip in the format you want (eg. avi format, codec H264, default settings)
Ah, yes. OK thanks Philo.
Alas my old laptop does not support OpenGL stuff, so I cannot export.
I'll try on my work PC... :-)
Jaco van der Molen Wrote:Alas my old laptop does not support OpenGL stuff, so I cannot export.
OpenGL >=3.0 is needed for the exports (due to FBO usage). Rendering it self can go as low as OpenGL 1.1
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