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Re: Technic chain alignment on gears
I made several tests now. It's logical but not intuitive. I hope I found the principle behind:

even when the path is circular (like your chain), it has the beginning and the end. You can see it, for example, if you change the control "point" diameter slightly - there is a place where the circle chain is broken because its length is not dividable by one chain part length. If you rotate the control point where the path beginning/end is, it really moves the chain along the path. The rotation of other control points has no effect.

So, if you know a set of magic constants (control point diameters for usual LEGO gears), set the correct diameter and rotate the correct control point, you should get a nicely fitting result.
EDIT: I assume you use the nested mode, of course.

Which reminds me: Roland, could you add some guide/help about the set of gears diameters, please? I have never known if the correct one for gear24 is 30 or 30.5 or whatever else (for example)...
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