After over 1 year of development, a beta build of LDForge 0.3 is out with massive changes and improvements. Release highlights:
  • multi-document support
  • various optimizations that make LDForge a LOT faster than before
  • able to download parts off the PT if desired
  • circle tool with ring finder algorithm makes adding rings to parts mostly trivial, can also be used for edge circles and discs
  • magic wand tool for easier group selection
  • support for logoed studs
  • support for direct colors
  • auto-subfiler! just select and fire!
  • various little new features, improvements and bug fixes

Note that this is beta-quality software and has not yet recieved complete exhaustive testing (i.e. I gotta get that kolhii stick done). This means, don't use in production work lest you risk a crash eating your work! I decided to post this after I managed to finally squish the nasty showstopper bugs. I'm thinking about just making the release 1.0 at this point.
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