Minifig/Figure accessory category

Minifig/Figure accessory category
Moving here a discussion started on PT
Steffen, reviewing 96484.dat Wrote:I think this should be renamed to become a normal minifig accessory.
In fact, there is no real difference between a minifig or friends or fabuland accessory.
Maybe we should rename the whole category from "minifig accessory" to
"figure accessory"........?
Steffen, reviewing 96482.dat Wrote:I don't see the necessity for the "Friends" theme in the title.
Isn't this simply a normal minifig accessory?
Arent't all accessories theme-inspecific?
this hairdryer could be used by a Friends figure, a Fabuland figure
or a minifig figure. Thus maybe we should rename the whole
category "Minifig Accessory" to "Figure Accessory".........?
Arezey Wrote:If we need to rename Minifig Accessory for generalization, I suggest just dropping the 'Minifig' and rename the category to Accessory.
Steffen, I can see your point, and I agree with Arezey to simplify even further to "Accessory". But I would like to keep original theme in the file (as keyword) but that would make the re-categorization of existing official parts much mode difficult I guess...

I have a related concern with flower shaped accessories, such as parts 96483 and 95832. I initially categorized them as "plant", which makes some sense with 95832 (though it's an acessory, the small hole is compatible with 3741/99249 stems), but it's less clear for 96483 that only has a small pin... Opinions?
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