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Minifig/Figure accessory category - Philippe Hurbain - 2014-09-04

Moving here a discussion started on PT
Steffen, reviewing 96484.dat Wrote:I think this should be renamed to become a normal minifig accessory.
In fact, there is no real difference between a minifig or friends or fabuland accessory.
Maybe we should rename the whole category from "minifig accessory" to
"figure accessory"........?
Steffen, reviewing 96482.dat Wrote:I don't see the necessity for the "Friends" theme in the title.
Isn't this simply a normal minifig accessory?
Arent't all accessories theme-inspecific?
this hairdryer could be used by a Friends figure, a Fabuland figure
or a minifig figure. Thus maybe we should rename the whole
category "Minifig Accessory" to "Figure Accessory".........?
Arezey Wrote:If we need to rename Minifig Accessory for generalization, I suggest just dropping the 'Minifig' and rename the category to Accessory.
Steffen, I can see your point, and I agree with Arezey to simplify even further to "Accessory". But I would like to keep original theme in the file (as keyword) but that would make the re-categorization of existing official parts much mode difficult I guess...

I have a related concern with flower shaped accessories, such as parts 96483 and 95832. I initially categorized them as "plant", which makes some sense with 95832 (though it's an acessory, the small hole is compatible with 3741/99249 stems), but it's less clear for 96483 that only has a small pin... Opinions?

Re: Minifig/Figure accessory category - Steffen - 2014-09-07

thanks for having moved over the discussion to here.
I was just stumbling over this issue and wanted to hear opinions/ideas/inspirations

Re: Minifig/Figure accessory category - Michael Heidemann - 2014-09-07

All the thoughts are correct. But I fear that on one day (maybe next year, or in five years) we see the need to change it again.
Often we try to put informations into our library that is already in another database (peeron, bricklink). Why should we add all this information in our library? I can not see any good reason!

Re: Minifig/Figure accessory category - Steffen - 2014-09-07

hmm, I think you have misunderstood me.

My request was to exactly _remove_ this specialization.

To make all accessories just accessories, independent of which figures uses them,
and independent of what figure theme will come out next year or next next year or next next next year.

Re: Minifig/Figure accessory category - Max Martin Richter - 2014-09-15

Personally I would remove the word Friends from the description and add it as a keyword. So all "Mini" Figures can use this part. The only problem left is, that Technic (or Maxi) Figures are figures as well and the can't use these parts with there hands. Anyway I think we should not care about this exception...


Re: Minifig/Figure accessory category - Chris Dee - 2015-04-05

I'd like to resolve this before releasing 96482.

My interpretation is that 'Minifig Accessories' can be held in the hand of a minifig-scale figure, e.g. minifigs, friends figures (i.e. have an 8LDu diameter cylinder somewhere). Admittedly there are a few other parts in this category that don't quite fit that criterion. I don't think that minifigs can sit on or wear count as accessories.

I'd prefer that 'Figure Accessory' be reserved for things that can only be held by figures with hands larger than minifigs, e.g. Fabuland figures.

What are the counter arguments?

Re: Minifig/Figure accessory category - Philippe Hurbain - 2015-04-06

Quote:hands larger than minifigs, e.g. Fabuland figures.
Well, Fabuland hands look larger, but they seize the same 8LDu diameter cylinder fittings, so distinction is really blurry!

Re: Minifig/Figure accessory category - Roland Melkert - 2015-04-06

Just my 2cts but,

Why not use "Tool" with e.g. a hammer as the category and put minifig, friends and or fabuland in the keywords.

And keep the accessory category for things you put on the minifig e.g. neck as part of the figure it self (like spongbob's body etc).

Re: Minifig/Figure accessory category - Willy Tschager - 2015-04-06

On the spur of the moment I'd like to have resolved:


which has according to Brickset and Bricklink a wrong number:


and sits in "Figure Club" though it can be grabbed by a minifig.

Furthermore I'm not convinced that the word order "Figure Theme" such as "Figure Fabuland" or "Figure Friends" is a good one. A "Fabuland Figure" would group them with Fabuland Roof", "Fabuland Axe" ...

My 2 cent,


Re: Minifig/Figure accessory category - Chris Dee - 2015-04-06

We already have categories for 'things you put on the minifig':
  • Minifig Footwear
  • Minifig Headwear
  • Minifig Hipwear
  • Minifig Neckwear
Please let's not revisit that.

Re: Minifig/Figure accessory category - Chris Dee - 2015-04-06

There are more things classed as accessories than just tools that minifigs can hold. In fact there are probably more weapons than tools. I prefer the more generalised 'Accessory' to 'Weapon', 'Tool', 'Utensil', ...

Re: Minifig/Figure accessory category - Chris Dee - 2015-04-06

My mistake - just shows how little I know about Fabuland!