It's a Bohrok! ...well, almost

It's a Bohrok! ...well, almost
[Image: lehvak1.png]

Thanks to the hard work of very many LDraw parts authors I have here an actual model of a 8564-1 Lehvak. Though, it seems to be missing a little something.

The Krana and the Krana holder pieces are still not modeled, and are the last Bohrok parts that are in such a state. Anyone got thoughts on how are we going to get the models for the Krana? The Bionicle masks in general seem like a nightmare to model. Perhaps that awesome 3D scanner of Philo's could get the mesh? It seems to have the design ID 42042, though note: there's 8 variants though Peeron only pictures 5 of them.

I still think we should congratulate ourselves, we sure have gotten a lot of parts done! I know the rubber band is also missing though that's because I don't know LSynth-fu. Tongue
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