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Full Version: Parts we are working on
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Been working on cleaning up 61805 today.
I'm working on all the Iron Man suits

Mark VI : done, uploaded, official

Mark VII : done, not yet uploded

War Machine : done, not yet uploaded

Mark XVII (Heartbreaker) : started

Mark XLII : not started

Iron Patriot : not started, missing good pictures, seems to be much the same as War Machine, but with different colours
I am curently working on 55706s01.dat.
In the meantime trying to figure out all the programs which to enhanse parts.

Its going to look better, one baby step at a time.
testing ldforge 0.3 with 44937:
[Image: 44937__.png]

EDIT: done now: http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptdetail.cg.../44937.dat
I'm working on the Speedorz chassis parts 11125c01.
So now that my vbo renderer's actually functional I'm back to doing shields to test it...

[Image: 41659_.png]

So I spend an hour trying to model 41659's little recesses, and I just finally got them done in a clean manner. And then I realize there's two more similar recesses on the other side of the part. D'oh.
I'm working on this strange hinge thingy, as seen in this review at the New Elementary.

[Image: 6065019.jpg]
Looks like nobody has worked on any parts for a while ;-)
I've started on the PF Track points: 53404 (right), 53407 (left) and 60128 (crossover).
There is already a placeholder for 973pd1 on the Parts Tracker.


I work on other patterns too... to test and improve LDPatternCreator.

edit: It's done.
Can you Do lego DC Super Heroes Minifigure Torsos & heads?
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