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Full Version: Parts we are working on
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I'll check before I upload. That's peanuts compared to the millions of cond. lines this part comes.

Not sure to understand - do you intend to submit it, or do you want someone to work on it?
Well this is the "Parts we are working on" thread. So, yes, I'm cleaning it.

Sorry, misread the thread title!
While doing the BFC'ing for 2348a.dat, I checked the parts 2348b.dat and 2349.dat. In my opinion they need to be a bit improved. I'm now working on 2349.dat. (2348a and b are ready and will go out with all other involved parts). I think, I will add the bumps for the hinges. That means that I need to do the other hinges as well...Whohoo Wink

[Image: buzzsaw.png]

I've forgotten how satisfying it feels to get something like those saw blades modeled..
EDIT: done
Is this any better?

I have here attached an attempt to improve the pattern for 2454ps5.

Do you think it is better or worse than the current part at PT?
I hope that is not a real question Smile
This one is IMHO much better.
The pattern distorts when viewed further away.. maybe direct colors would do better here?
Much better, I agree! Must have been pretty tedious Wink
How did you mapped the gradient on the character?
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