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Full Version: Parts we are working on
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I've created the new pattern with LPC, of course.
I first made one mask of the unpatterned surface surrounding the pattern.
On top of that, or maybe behind it, I placed many differently stretched versions of a triangular raster pattern.
By selecting overlapping triangles and using the "SCG Intersection points" I got a set of new vertices.
I then connected these new vertices with "Merge with nearest triangle" and removed the unwanted triangles.
Many triangles it is....
Nice now, the pattern is. Excellent piece of work, done, you have.
Phew Tongue
Working on 13548...
Santeri Piippo Wrote:33287
Thanks for showing me a part I ignored Wink
Hehe, I just got a link to this great site a few minutes ago.
And I thought about doing this part, too. :-)
Well done!

It's a new version of the 2 x 2 tile, round.
I will add the groove to 4150 to.
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